The Little Dragon Who Couldn’t Fly

Once upon a time, in a magical forest filled with towering trees and sparkling rivers, lived a little dragon named Drako. Drako was a bright green dragon with shimmering scales and a heart full of dreams. However, there was one thing that made him different from the other dragons in the forest—Drako couldn’t fly.

Every day, Drako would watch his friends soar through the sky, performing loops and dives, and he would feel a pang of sadness. «Why can’t I fly like them?» he would wonder.

One sunny afternoon, Drako sat by the river, feeling particularly down. His best friend, a wise old owl named Oliver, noticed his gloomy expression and fluttered down to sit beside him.

«What’s troubling you, Drako?» Oliver asked in his gentle voice.

«I’ll never be able to fly, Oliver,» Drako sighed. «I’ve tried and tried, but I just can’t do it.»

Oliver looked at Drako with kind eyes. «Sometimes, the key to unlocking your abilities lies within you, Drako. You must believe in yourself.»

Drako frowned. «But how can believing in myself make me fly?»

Oliver smiled. «Come with me. I want to show you something.»

The wise owl led Drako to a hidden glade in the forest, where a small, sparkling pond lay nestled among the flowers. «This is the Pond of Reflection,» Oliver explained. «Look into it and tell me what you see.»

Drako peered into the pond and saw his own reflection staring back at him. «I see myself,» he said, puzzled.

«Look closer,» Oliver urged.

As Drako gazed deeper into the water, he began to see not just his reflection, but his dreams and hopes. He saw himself flying high above the trees, his wings spread wide, and a joyful smile on his face.

«Do you see it now?» Oliver asked softly.

«Yes,» Drako whispered, his eyes widening. «I see myself flying.»

«That is your true self,» Oliver said. «The dragon who can fly. You just need to believe it.»

Drako felt a warmth spread through his chest. For the first time, he felt a glimmer of hope. «I’ll try,» he said determinedly.

The next day, Drako climbed to the top of a hill. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and whispered to himself, «I believe I can fly.»

With a leap of faith, Drako spread his wings and felt the wind lift him. At first, he wobbled, but then, as he remembered the vision from the Pond of Reflection, he steadied himself. He was flying!

«Look at me, Oliver!» Drako called out with joy. «I’m flying!»

Oliver watched from a nearby tree, a proud smile on his face. «I knew you could do it, Drako.»

From that day on, Drako flew with confidence and grace, knowing that the key to soaring through the skies was always within him. And whenever he felt doubt creeping in, he would visit the Pond of Reflection and remind himself of the dragon he truly was.

And so, Drako learned that believing in himself was the most powerful magic of all.

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Don Cuento es un escritor caracterizado por su humor absurdo y satírico, su narrativa ágil y desenfadada, y su uso creativo del lenguaje y la ironía para comentar sobre la sociedad contemporánea. Utiliza un tono ligero y sarcástico para abordar los temas y usas diálogos rápidos y situaciones extravagantes para crear un ambiente de comedia y surrealismo a lo largo de sus historias.

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